Meet Rebekka Adams, Chief Clothing Curator.


Every woman is unique So why should we all dress the same? Vintage showcases your personal style! -Rebekka adams

Rebekka’s History

Growing up, I spent summers at the flea market with my grandparents selling costume jewelry and random electronics.This gave me an appreciation for treasures that were previously loved. I loved hearing my grandparents talk about the objects as though they had past lives. Nowadays, I spend my time digging through relics of the past to find stories and items that relate to the present. I love the treasure hunt and finding unique items that showcase times past.

I love the quality and craftsmanship of older items – things that were made piece by piece, before mass-manufacturing. Vintage clothing was made with such skill and care. It was meant to last through numerous wears and alterations. I find vintage clothing inspiring as not only does it serve a function, it is now one of a kind. No worries about wearing the same outfit as your friends – your piece is unique to you.

Bloomers and Frocks Staff

Bloomers and Frocks carries an array of quality vintage clothes for women including day dresses, formal dresses, skirts, tops, lingerie, and even bathing suits! We seek out quality vintage clothing in all sizes (including plus sizes) from yesteryear to create a unique look for your wardrobe today.

The Bloomers and Frocks team has grown over the past two years and all team members have excellent style advice. From what to wear to the office to what to wear to that gala, our stylists can help you mix and match eras for a one-of-a-kind look, or even assist you in era specific garments to complete a pure vintage look.

What our customers are saying

This little shop is vintage heaven! Although I feel like the word ‘curated’ is overused and very trendy these days, there is truly no better word to describe Rebekka’s collection of goods. The attention to detail is evident throughout the shop— from her selection of premium vintage clothing and jewelry to the well organized displays, it it a highly enjoyable shopping experience. It doesn’t hurt also that Rebekka clearly has a passion for both vintage and her coustomers... her positive, bubbly personality is a pleasure to be around. Bottom line is this: if you are looking to dig though racks and racks of bottom-of-the-barrel junk in the hopes that you find a hidden gem, this is not your store. Rebekka has already done that work for you and you will not be disappointed with her selection!!
-Pamela Durapau, Google Review, Dec 2018

What a great spot! I went in needing direction on a piece for my Fiance as I am a 30-year old man without much experience buying for women, and Rebekka was awesome, and my Fiance loved what "we" picked out.
-Matthew Ficken , Google Review, Dec 2016

“Love this place. great selection and measurements are on the garments making it so much easier to choose what will fit!”
-Melanie Bosley Bloomfield, Facebook Review, Nov. 2018