Meet Rebekka Adams, Chief Clothing Curator.


I have a passion for all things antiques and vintage – especially feminine items such as clothes and jewelry.


Growing up, I spent summers at the flea market with my grandparents selling costume jewelry and random electronics.This gave me an appreciation for treasures that were previously loved. I loved hearing my grandparents talk about the objects as though they had past lives. Nowadays, I spend my time digging through relics of the past to find stories and items that relate to the present. I love the treasure hunt and finding unique items that showcase times past.

I love the quality and craftsmanship of older items – things that were made piece by piece, before mass-manufacturing. Vintage clothing was made with such skill and care. It was meant to last through numerous wears. I find vintage clothing inspiring as not only does it serve a function, it is now one of a kind. No worries about wearing the same frock as your friends – your piece is unique to you.

Bloomers and Frocks carries women’s vintage clothing from the 1900′s to 1980′s. The showroom is located at 1628 South First Street, in Austin, Texas. You can also shop Bloomers and Frocks online on etsy.

Bloomers and Frocks carries an array of quality vintage clothes for women including day dresses, formal dresses, skirts, tops, lingerie, and even bathing suits! I seek out quality vintage clothing in all sizes (including plus sizes) from yesteryear to create a unique look for your wardrobe today. I do hope you have fun in both the Austin showroom and the etsy shop, I have curated a vintage clothing collection based on style and fun.

What are Bloomers and Frocks?

My lovely husband came up with the name Bloomers and Frocks. I must say, he has exquisite taste.

What are Bloomers?

The original women’s bloomers were long baggy pants narrowing to a cuff at the ankles (worn below a skirt), intended to preserve Victorian decency while being less of a hindrance to women’s activities than the long full skirts of the period. They were meant to be outerwear, similar to pants of today's era.

What is a Frock?

According to Wikipedia, “from the sixteenth century to the early twentieth century, the term frock was applied to a woman’s dress or gown, in the fashion of the day, often indicating an unfitted, comfortable garment for wear in the house, or (later) a light overdress worn with a slip or under-dress.”

Bloomers and Frocks refers to dresses and pants of era’s past. I strive to bring you the best wearable styles of yesteryear to incorporate into your modern wardrobe.
— Rebekka Adams, Chief Clothing Curator