1930s Vintage Fashion

Styles of the 1930s are often overlooked between the era of the flapper and 1950s New Look. But they are unique on their own. This era was known as Hollywood Glam as fashion was heavily influenced by the movies. Full length party dresses, dramatic lines, picture hats, and fur collars were all elements taken from the big screen and reproduced for the everyday woman.

After the indulgences and extravagances of the 1920s, the 1930s saw a return to portraying the natural female form, with waistlines rising back to the natural waist while still maintaining a relaxed fit and hemlines dropping back to the ankles. The bias cut evening gown was created by Madeline Vionnet, made in silk velvet or satin. For everyday garments, synthetic fabrics such as rayon and nylon gained popularity for their ease of wear and easier washing. It wasn’t until the mid-1930s that zippers became commonplace, making dressing easier.

Additionally, costume jewelry became popular as a result of the depression, and notable designers such as Miriam Haskell, Chanel, and Schiaparelli became well known.