1920s blue flapper dress

1920s Vintage Fashion

The 1920s were the era of the flapper. Necklines dropped into a simple scoop or v-neck, but elaborate collars were added. Hemlines raised from ankle length to a shocking height above the ankle. Waists were dropped, simple bodices shaped with few tucks or shoulder shirring were common. While the style was simple, the details were elaborate. Often heavy beading, embroidery, luxurious materials, and sashes were added for flair. Materials were light-weight, often chiffon, light silks, soft cottons or velvet, or light wool. Dresses were often sheer and worn over coordinating slips.

By mid-century, hemlines reached the knee. Bodices became more complex and the skirts became more complex with movement being key, as flappers were notorious for dancing. Hand sewn beading and elaborate detailing were popular. However, by the end of the decade, hemlines began to drop and waistlines rose back to a natural waist by the end of the decade.